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NOVA Body Shop offers excellent, economical, honest, and reliable auto body repair. Our customers can vouch for us!

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Very Pleased with NOVA Body Shop
Took my son's car in, which had inadvertently scraped the rear end on one side into a large steel dumpster. I had a really good sense after meeting with the owner (Hoan Phan) that the job would be done right. The quote was reasonable as was the turnaround time. In the end NOVA went beyond what we were expecting because they weren't satisfied with the initial results. The outcome was the car looked like new again and at a reasonable price. They are a top notch outfit all the way around. Obviously, body shop quality & service varies widely but we were lucky to find NOVA Body Shop after reading their positive online reviews and making the wise decision as it turned out to give them a try.

-insearchofexellent at Citysearch

Honest People!!!
A few months ago I rear-ended a truck on the interstate and messed up the front of my car. The airbags deployed and it was considered totaled. Anyway, insurance gave me the market value, which was not enough for new airbags. Every place that I went to refused to fix the car unless they fixed the airbags too (which didn't make any sense to me). Every place but NOVA! NOVA did a great job and even let me order some of my own parts (hood and lights) because I found it cheaper and they were upgrades. They were sooo nice, and rounded down the cost of repairs! It was easy to see that these people are all about customer service and not trying to take your money. I will definitely be using them for all of my future body works!

-by SarinaBoBina at Citysearch

Exceeded my expectations
The back of my passenger side mirror (skull cap) came off and needed to be replaced. I bought the part from the dealership. Since the part does not come painted, I needed to find a body shop to paint the part. I called 3-4 different body shops for pricing information. Prices ranged from $45 - $65, with Nova being the least expensive, and having the best warranty (lifetime). I spoke with Su, who told me I could drop the part off, then come back at the end of the next day and they would install the skull cap.

Nova went above and beyond by offering to fix my cloudy headlights (which I was prepared to pay $69 + tax to have fixed) as well as touching up the paint chips on my car for FREE. I was planning on paying to have these two repairs made, so I felt guilty having them do it for free. I asked him to charge me at least something, so he said $15. I felt like I was getting a great deal, while compensating them for their time (at least a little bit). We agreed if the headlights were not better after they worked on them, there would be no charge (someone else had told me once upon a time they would be able to fix my headlights, and then said they tried, but were unable to do so). When I came back the next day (the skull cap was ready earlier than I expected) Su had my headlights buffed and personally touched up the paint chips on my car (took about 20 minutes or so). When he took me out to see my headlights, I could not believe how good they looked! He told me they would get cloudy again, that is just how it happens with cars, but in the meantime, they look great :) I gave him my credit card, and he asked how much he had told me, and I told him $45 and $15, so $60. When he brought me the receipt for my signature, it said $45 - he said because I was a new customer. He also gave me a small bottle of matching paint for any future paint chips. I could not believe the fantastic customer service Nova provided, it was such a good experience. I hope I do not end up with any damage to my car (of course), but if I do, I know where I will be going for my repairs :) I highly recommend Nova.

  • Pros: Excellent work, lower price than competitors, honest, timely

-by austin13 at Citysearch

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